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Place to live while working in Rogier


Hi, I am female in her 30s who is relocating to Brussels to work near Rogier metro station. I have been reading about the different districts in Brussels but I still have many doubts on the best areas (for me) to live at.
I would like to live inside the city, but most neighborhoods that are advised seem far away from my work. I would appreciate to live where "there is life" (meaning, restaurants, bars, a gym, things to do and, most importantly, other people) but I would still like to reach my workplace by metro or bike. I am looking to find a balance between pure residential areas for families with small kids and wild places for exchange students where no-one sleeps (not sure there are any). Finally I value safety and I would like to avoid conflictive areas. Also, Flemish seems too complicated for now...
Can anybody provide some advice? Every piece of information or sharing of own experience is very much appreciated. Thanks a lot, Carolina

CM Feb 17, 2017 09:43 Marked as helpful by the topicstarter

Ixelles is pretty good, and would be an easy commute by bike, bus or metro.

It's quite lively in the evenings (the southern part is a university area), there are lots of bars and restaurants, but it is by no means wild :-)

anon Feb 17, 2017 10:24 Marked as helpful by the topicstarter

I'd look somewhere between Place Flagey to the Cimitiere d'Ixelles. Flagey has a lot of bars and night life, the area around Cimitiere d'Ixelles is a student area due to the two universities, ULB and VUB. In between are residential areas. Lot of choice to rent between small studios and apartments to full housing. Also, the area is relatively well connected. The 71 bus goes up to Porte de Namur of de Broukere where you can join the metro to Rogier, the 25 tram goes all the way to Rogier. The 94 tram goes up Ave Louise, with numerous possibilities to connect further to Rogier by metro or tram.

Rupert Feb 17, 2017 10:27 Marked as helpful by the topicstarter

I would say Ixelles around either side of Avenue Louise, or Saint Gilles. You can then take the 92 or 93 trams to Botanique and you are just one stop from Rogier (or a short walk)

Carolina Ávila Feb 17, 2017 11:10

Thank you very much, CM, Anon and Rupert. :)
Your comments are very helpful.

Seems Ixilles is a common suggestion and it appears nice to me. Saint Gilles looks also good, but I read it lacks green spaces. I am also considering Brussels-city but no one living in Brussels seems to recommend it and there are probably reasons for it. Maybe transportation and traffic are too chaotic? Or it is too touristic?

If anybody has further suggestions, please comment!

I Feb 17, 2017 11:56 Marked as helpful by the topicstarter

Ixelles is more popular with English speakers. You don't get a different answer if you asked in another language.

Drifter Feb 17, 2017 12:10 Marked as helpful by the topicstarter

Do not live close to Rogier. That is a dangerous area at nights. It is a good area for shopping and work during the day. Schuman and European area is also quite empty in the evenings and not safe enough. Ixelles is a good choice with your requirements. But be aware that it is quite a big commune. Good luck!

Carolina Ávila Feb 17, 2017 13:29


this is very useful.

I definetly want to avoid areas that are empty in the evenings.

sohcahtoa Feb 17, 2017 14:27 Marked as helpful by the topicstarter

There are certainly reasons why people might choose not to live in the European area, but it is not empty in the evenings (there is a fair number of bars and restaurants) and 'not safe enough' is surely an exaggeration. The area round Ambiorix/Schuman/Mérode is a slightly unexciting but perfectly pleasant and secure place to live, and is well connected to public transport.

That said, if you're not a Belgian citizen and need to register with the bureau des étrangers, 1000 is notorious for administrative slowness.

Drifter Feb 17, 2017 15:04 Marked as helpful by the topicstarter

Yes, Ambriorix and Merode are safe but Schuman/Maalbeek is pretty quiet at nights. I heard a mugging at night in these areas. Ambriorix may be a little quiet for a young lady of 30.

Jurkeviciute Feb 17, 2017 17:57 Marked as helpful by the topicstarter

If you are going to work close to Rogier, you may consider St. Catherine's square and its environments (many places to go out) or a bit more quiet place in the neighborhood: the housing development on Quai des Peniches just in front of Tour & Taxi. The place is developing fast with new flats to be built in the nearest future and many things happening around it.


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