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Personal shopping carts - where to buy & how to use


Can someone please tell me the convention for taking a personal shopping cart into stores? I have an expensive wheeled cooler that is more like luggage. I don't want to leave by the door. I'm thinking of getting one like everyone else's even though only here for 6 months.
a) Can I take mine into the store? It fits under most supermarket trolleys.
b) If I leave it at the door, how do I get my groceries into it?
What type of store should I look for a local one? I have seen hugely expensive ones in the centre, but the ones in supermarkets look cheaply made. How much should I pay and what should I look for?
c) What do you do if you already have shopping in yours? Do they ever get stolen?
d) Any other tips?

okay Feb 2, 2013 05:38

I've never left my shopping cart (cheap, from Ikea) at the door; I think you're fine to bring it with you in any store.

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