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Parking ticket on sign on road can I appeal?


Hi all I went to woluwe Sint Pierre this morning. Parked on a road that's currently dug up so only possible to turn across tram to access end I needed. Road local access only clear signed but as I was going local thought ok that's fine. I immediately found a bay at side of road close to my destination. Turned car to face correct direction and parked within white bay. Put up blue badge even though I didn't see a sign because caught by that before. Checked around no parking payment required sign visible anywhere no payment machine in sight. I then went to my appointment and returned thirty five mins or so later to discover an parking ticket on car because this is within residents or payed parking zone apparently!
On way back checked other roads appear to have blue signs near ends of payment required. Clearly will have to pay but can I appeal this? No way to come past any sign as road is closed in middle and nothing end I was on. I looked on their website but I don't see this anywhere but maybe didn't find correct page.

anon Oct 11, 2017 12:04

Your question is far from clear, but you mention that "Road local access only clear signed"

If the road is for local residents only, like "circulation locale", "parking riverains", or something similar, that's for people who live there, not people coming to visit.

"Rappelons donc que d’après le code de la route, les termes « excepté circulation locale » ou « desserte locale » désignent une voie publique qui n'est accessible qu'aux véhicules des riverains de cette rue"

CM Oct 11, 2017 12:47

No, you can't appeal.

Always Oct 11, 2017 13:48

Where exactly were you parked? That is all that counts? Name the street and number.

Always Oct 11, 2017 13:54

If you parked in the orange zone and didn't pay, then you will be fined. That includes residents who live elsewhere in WSPwith a residents card for their cars who do not on those streets. https://www.woluwe1150.be/fr/97-flash-info/906-plan-stationnement-fr

Mikek1300gt Oct 11, 2017 14:30

As an aside. folks. Keep records of your payment where ever you use paid parking and keep those records at least a year. It's not only me who has had a penalty charge arrive out of the blue a full six months after using paid parking and after having paid for it. Quite the scam they have running there, as most people will not have kept a record that long.

kasseistamper Oct 11, 2017 15:13

I can't comment on the precise nitty-gritty in every situation but I have always understood that anyone displaying a 'disabled parking permit' (blue badge) does not have to obey the general parking rules so long as the vehicle is not, for example, causing an obvious obstruction.
I would certainly check with the local authorities before simply paying up.

R.Harris Oct 11, 2017 15:57

Walk or ride a bike.

Always Oct 11, 2017 18:56

It is incorrect, disabled permits are not the same a blue disk that the OP said she used. In any case, there are placed disabled permits are still required to pay.

J Oct 12, 2017 08:00

Where exactly were you parked? That is all that counts? Name the street and number.

E.Ash Oct 12, 2017 08:33

If you are between sign (beginning/end) of a paying zone, you must pay.
If you do not, you can have a ticket


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