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Paper and cardboard collection in WSP


Hi All,
I've recently moved to Woluwe-Saint-Pierre and I have a lot of cardboard to get rid of. Its too much and too big to fit into yellow bags, so can I just put the cardboard on the street the evening before the collection day as it is? Or is my only option to take it to a container park?

I moved here from Antwerp, where there were no bags for paper, you just had to put it in cardboard boxes yourself and leave it on the street, but not sure if that's allowed in Brussels...

Thanks for any advice

kasseistamper May 18, 2017 15:24

Wait until collection day and look at what other folk have done. Or ask a neighbour!

abc123 May 18, 2017 17:26

We moved into WSP three years ago and put the moving boxes out on yellow rubbish day just folded. Most, honestly, were taken by other folk before the bin lorry arrived (and we had recycled from someone else) but the bin men took what was left.

E.Ash May 20, 2017 12:50

Often, other people may recycle them. You should, however, put them together with a light rope and so the bin men will take them.
Make sure each pack does not weight more than 25 kgs.
They will then disappear with the yellow bag collection.
I live in WSP and did that when I arrived and so many other people doing the same in our international part of the city.
You combine in that way, recycling and helping others that will be have a removal in the not too distant future.
Welcome in WSP.

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