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One in three Brussels children lives in poverty

10:11 29/10/2014

One in three children in the Brussels-Capital Region lives in poverty, writes based on a Unicef report on global child poverty.

In all of Belgium, the number is down slightly compared with 2008, when around 17.2% of Belgian children lived below the poverty line. Last year, the number dropped to 16.4%, or 525,000 children.

The Unicef report sheds light on the growing gap among Belgium’s different regions. In Flanders, one child in 10 lives in poverty, while in Wallonia the number is one in four, and in Brussels one in three. With this figure, Brussels ranks lower than other European countries such as Croatia, Hungary and Bulgaria.

Unicef claims that the average family income in Belgium has fallen to the same level as at the start of the economic crisis six years ago, and urges the Belgian government to invest in measures to protect the children of poor families.

Written by Robyn Boyle


Belgian Landlord

Send them up the chimneys! But seriously - there is no poverty in this city of excessive waste. Look outside any of the houses/apartments in poor neighborhoods and you will find overflowing bin bags and food waste. There are also enough jobs for everyone, but an over attractive social welfare system which encourages so called poverty.

Oct 29, 2014 12:27

Can't agree more. Plenty of jobs, they just don't want them. To be honest, the use of the word "poverty" in this context is a bit of an insult to those who know what real poverty is.

Oct 29, 2014 13:11
Denis J. Buckley

It is very disturbing that there is so much poverty recorded in the third richest region in Europe. I recall that it was stated in the Bulletin some time back that 25% of the self-employed have only a take home monthly income of 900 euro. There are also quite a lot of workers on low incomes,problem is that they should not be subject to high income tax on such low bands, It is true there is a lot of food waste but this is not all from low income households. It is a common sight to see the homeless seeking food in the bins. It is nice that many restaurants donate left- over food to the poor. The best way to understand why there is so much poverty would be to get a first hand insight of the causes of poverty and homelessness is to go and visit the soup kitchen at Gare Central every evening and chat with the lessor-off and fine how they ended up depending on food kitchens to keep them alive.

Oct 29, 2014 23:30