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Improve Your Vision - Eye Yoga

In our Western world our eyes receive an overdose of visual stimuli. The number of hours they’re exposed to screens and to artificial light is high, and the viewing distance is often short. Also other forms of stress can affect the eyes. These factors can lead to cloudy or blurred vision, deterioration of your eyesight, irritation of your eyes, … 

Non-Violent Communication Foundations

Compassionate communication, also known as Non-Violent Communication (NVC), gives tools to connect deeply within oneself and others, even in challenging situations. This workshop will explore in depth the NVC process that empowers being authentic in all types of communication. We will learn deep listening to develop empathy and self-empathy, as well as responsible, honest expression.
The workshop includes:
• The elements of the NVC process for self-understanding, self-expression and listening to others

Monks angry at supermarket's Westvleteren promo

Celebrate Easter

Join us to celebrate the most important event in history!

Palm Sunday & Easter Egg Hunt

Join us for the annual Palm Sunday lunch and an Easter Egg hunt for children! Free, but bring a dish to share if you can.

Burger King's first central Brussels restaurant at De Brouckere

Burger King will open its first central Brussels restaurant in the pedestrian zone this autumn, La Dernière Heure reports. The burger outlet will form part of the new Crystal City commercial development on Boulevard Anspach at De Brouckere and will take over the premises of the former Mexican...

Trappist monks angry at Dutch supermarket's Westvleteren promo

The monks who brew Belgium's award-winning - and scarce - Westvleteren beer are furious after a Dutch supermarket put their beers on general public sale for almost three times the original price. The brewers at Sint-Sixtus abbey in West Flanders have complained to the Jan Linders group that the...

Urban Gardens

Complete design, installation, and seasonal care of balconies, terraces, and small gardens.

Baroque concert - La Chapelle des Minimes

The Annunciation on 25 March to Mary of Christ’s birth inspired today’s three works—as well as innumerable famous paintings.  Regula Boeninger will sing Pergolesi’sSalve Regina, which prefigures the famous Stabat Mater.  After the lovely and haunting Ave Maris Stella (from Monteverdi’s Vespers), we will perform one of Bach’s best-known cantatas, « How lovely is the morning star ». From vespers to the morning - Mary is our star today.

25 arrested in Kurdish demonstration on Grand-Place

Police arrested 25 Kurdish protestors in the early hours of Sunday morning after they held an unauthorised demonstration in Brussels' Grand-Place and refused to leave. The city's Kurdish community has staged several spontaneous protests in recent weeks against Turkish military action in Afrin in...