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new home for older cat


I am moving shortly (mid Feb) back to the UK sooner than I had expected, and for various reasons I may not be able to take my cat. I am looking for a new home for her, and wondered if anyone was interested/knows anyone who might be? She is an older cat (13), quite calm and affectionate. She is fine to be left alone during the day, but she does like attention. She has some arthritis in her back legs but she is still fairly playful. She is also declawed (not my choice, I adopted her as an older cat), so she can't destroy furniture/carpets. She is also long-haired so needs regular brushing. If you know of someone who may be interested, please let me know. I'm really keen to find her a good home before I go, in case I am unable to bring her over. Thank you!

anon Jan 18, 2017 15:11

If you can't find anyone, these guys are really good. I dropped off a cat for friends of mine that were leaving. They couldn't have been more sympathetic or friendly.


tim39 Jan 18, 2017 15:43

Thanks! I was trying to avoid a shelter if possible, but it's good to hear they come recommended!

R.Harris Jan 18, 2017 17:12

I second Anon: Help Animals is a wonderful organization; the most pleasant shelter (from the animals' point of view) I have ever come across. the staff is very very dedicated to their cause.

Phil Cole Jan 24, 2017 18:36

Hi Tim - hopefully you see this. My partner and I have been looking for a cat and plan to move back to the UK in 2 years time so were concerned about the move with accommodation etc, however the timing should work.

I'd like to hear more - please feel free to give me a text or call me on +32 (0)498 889 467

tralala1 Jun 20, 2017 15:48

Your cat will be most likely be put down when you give her to one of the shelters here. The reason is that they think that she will be too old to be re-homed and the fact that she has arthritis does not help either. Your best bet will be indeed HELP animals

Anon2 Jul 27, 2017 11:37

@Phil Cole: if you already know you are going to move back to the UK in 2 years and already know that you have no intention to take any cat you get back with you, I'd say the kindest, most animal-friendly thing to do would be to not adopt any cat at all. There is no longer any quarantine as you must know. https://www.gov.uk/take-pet-abroad/pet-passport

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