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Moving to Brussels from the USA


Hello everyone and thanks for all the useful info as I've been lurking for a bit. We (myself, wife, and kids 5 and 7) will likely be moving to Brussels from the US next spring and we're starting to look for a neighbourhood and a school.

We want to live in a vibrant neighbourhood with shops and restaurants and transit nearby, somewhere we could live without a car or with Cambio only. I'll be at NATO so I'm thinking the east side or center of the city, but what do I know. Any advice or pointers to a good neighbourhood guide in English or French? The kids are in an international school (French) here and we would likely put them into a Belgian primary school. any advice there? Is it possible to visit during the school day to get a feel for the place? I'd love to correspond with other expats whose primary age kids are in the francophone schools.

Thanks so much all and I hope to be joining you in Brussels soon. Bonne rentrée.


Marjans May 7, 2012 00:13

Does anyone has with the Ecole Prince Baudouin in Woluwe Saint Lambert or Van Meyel?

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The alternative taxi service Uber has been ordered by the court to stop operating in Brussels. What do you think?

a. Brussels’ taxi cartel is nothing to be proud of. We should encourage any and all alternatives
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b. Competition is a good thing, but Uber should be subject to some governmental controls
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c. Uber’s drivers are not trained and not licensed, and they undercut professional taxi drivers. The ban should remain
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