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Marks & Spencer's


Does anybody know what is the current state of marks & Spencer's? Are they closing at the end of September? Is there a closing Will they open a food only shop separately? Or is business as usual, will it continue?


jhlnyc424 Sep 20, 2017 15:29

Yes closing on Sept 30. Possible seriuos markdowns too I am a brit and will miss my sausages snd scones and crumptes etc

tralala1 Sep 20, 2017 16:06

Closing date is 30 September 2017. I hope that the food shop will stay but they are already clearing it out :-(((

tralala1 Sep 20, 2017 16:06

A big M&S food shop was recently opened in Dubai...life is not fair

AnnieK Sep 20, 2017 21:50

I went there last Saturday and it's looking very bare already.. Lots of empty, cordoned-off shelves, and getting more empty by the day. It has a definite "the Soviets in the 1970s" vibe to it.

I don't think there will be any great markdowns and savings to be made; it will be more cost-effective for them to just put what is left in a big truck and take it back to the UK. I will miss it a lot too. And I've also put my money where my mouth is; since May 2015 I've spent 2.776,82 euros in the Brussels store food department.

I think their main errors were the selection of the store location (incredibly expensive rent) and the fact that they tried to sell clothes and home furnishings. I'm convinced that if they opened a small store with food only they would make a clear profit.

Drifter Sep 21, 2017 11:55

The kind of clothes they had did not match the usual M&S style. People wanted more basic clothes and underwear. It should have been casual and perhaps around Rue Neuve area. Ne building at Louise area with a high rent did not help. They should do a food only shop because food department was always busy and I always bought something from that department. Who rented the place, I wonder.

n.wright.bxl@gm... Sep 21, 2017 13:54

Closure is due to a change at the top of M&S , and a change in the strategy of the brand - read the UK financial press.
Even if there had been no change in direction it's hard to figure how one "supermarket" or clothes store in a remote country can be profitable when you consider the supply chain implications...especially in the fresh food biz.

R.Harris Sep 21, 2017 21:10

What is it with people and M&S food? Not being wrapped in the mystique it seems pretty mediocre to me. if you can't find scones which doesn't seem such a hard thing to do, well you can make in a jiffy...

AJ Sep 22, 2017 12:09

I'll miss the pork pies :-(
Agree, the clothes were pretty rubbish.

Drifter Sep 22, 2017 13:56

The brand always represented the sturdy and casual clothes to me, not much of a fashion brand, really! Shoes used to be very good and comfortable. They ruined that also. They used to have these 'foot glove' series which were great walking shoes. Handbags were bad in the recent years as the fake leather started dropping and peeling off after a couple of years.

CM Sep 22, 2017 14:24

Pork pies and crumpets are what I'll miss. I know you can get them from Stonemanor but they're shite.


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