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Lawyer for pettyissues


Hi All, anyone who can recommend a lawyer for ‘petty’ car issues? Will try to make it short - I took my car to the garage as it was misfiring and dragging a bit. Mechanic later called me to say it was the exhaust and that it needed to be replaced. He said he could do it for around EUR300 so I gave him the green light. He finished repairing it on a Friday when I was out of the country so my wife passed through the garage and paid him. She got the key and left the car where it was parked (outside the garage). We came to pick it up on a Sunday only to realise that it was still misfiring.
I had to go to work early the following day so my wife took it back and the mechanic could see that the problem was still there. He asked us to bring it back on Thursday, which we did. Again my wife passed through the garage (end of day Thursday) and got the key but the guy said he wanted EUR170 because he had replaced spark plugs, cables, etc… I’ve had an argument with him since then because he didn’t do his job properly the first time… His opinion is that he should be paid for his work and he’s not admitting his mistake. He’s contacting his lawyer today so I would like to counter him, any advice on lawyers, etc is welcome. Thanks


Most lawyers will give you a first meeting without charging you. Personally I would wait until I got the lawyers letter to get my own lawyer. Lawyer would possibly tell him it isn't worth the fees to pursue this matter.
You might possibly be called to stand before the Justice. If you take a lawyer you avoid hanging about all day as judge would deal with a whole batch of a lawyer's cases. If you do not turn up, Judge would find in favour of the other party. For an appearance before the Justice you do not need a lawyer, just to present your argument.

Apr 12, 2017 12:00

No lawyer is even going to answer the phone for this sort of money.

You would be better off joining Test Achats and getting legal advice from their consumer advice section.

Apr 12, 2017 12:09

He probably means that he is initiating action through the (small claims) court to get his money from you. He will win, it is pay first, challenge second in Belgium.

Anon's advice to join Test Achats and use their service is VERY sound - do it today.

Apr 12, 2017 13:27

Thanks guys, let me get onto the Test Achats site and see what they can do for me.

Apr 12, 2017 14:02

Has it occurred to you that maybe he was correct about the exhaust needing fixed and he just didn't check that was the only issue. If had originally said it was 470 and he was replacing thee spark plugs and the exhaust which was also deficient wouldn't you have have said yes please go ahead. If he didthe work and had the old parts to show you thenhes entitled to be paid I think the court will side with him pay up and just use a different garage next time cheaper and easier all round

Apr 14, 2017 07:20