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Good hairdresser/Colorist in Brussels




I've just been to Tony&Guy and was left with a really bad colour. My hair is light brown and I just wanted to go a bit lighter, but got out of there with a dark blond top of hair and brown ends, not to matching clashing yellow streaks all over the top of my head. I had asked for a natural effect.

Not quite sure what to do, if to go back  there or try another hairdresser. i dont feel like going back because If they tought that was ok, what stops them screwing up again? I'veve been to other hairdressers in Brussels and all I'v ehad are bad experiences.


Can someone help?


Many thanks!

Frank K May 3, 2012 08:46

I can only confirm what Jaume said about esprit basora. Went there last week after finding the recommendation here. Before I suffered through 2,5 years of searching for a decent hairdresser in Brussels without success.

My summary: Excellent haircut, friendly service+atmosphere, classy salon. I will go back there.

With 30 EUR for a guy's haircut, it is even cheaper than other (more known places) which have dissapointed quite a bit.

Thanks to Jaume for posting this here.

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