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Getting Drivers License


Hi there,

I am an Australian living in Brussels with a Maltese passport as I am Duel-Citizen. I went to hand in my Australian license but because the Commune took so long to accept it, my license expired and I had to renew which meant that I could no longer just hand in my license to swap. Fantastic. But it is what it is.

It means that I now have to go take the theory and practical driving tests.

Could someone please help me out and let me know where to buy a good theory book in English that covers all items. I have heard some of the schools books don't cover everything to ensure people sign up to their theory lessons so would be looking at a good book to read so I can take the theory test.

Also...could anyone let me know how to book a theory exam? I am based in Ixelles.

Once done...I would like to do 2 hours of driving with someone just to understand the things that may get thrown at me during a practical test and also then book a practical test - If anyone has any recommendations that would be great.

Thank you in advance for your help. Much appreciated!

PCmanchester@ic... May 8, 2017 13:48


bossy May 8, 2017 20:44

You can buy the belgium driving book in english at waterstones or Sterling book shop.
I believe you can book both exams online but since you are planing to take 2h with a teacher you could go to AUTO-ECOLE EUROPEENNE, they have one school in Ixelles and they offer lessons in English, im sure they can inform you further on the process
Good luck

kasseistamper May 9, 2017 08:49

I don't know how the Australian system works but can you not just report your license as lost to the Australian authorities and get a new one issued?
When I moved here I was advised to 'lose' my license before I came so that I would have a spare one to hand in to the commune and a valid one for when I return home.

vasia vasia May 17, 2017 20:14

Hi everyone! I have the english books latest version that covers everything and I passed my exams in December so now I am selling them for 35 euro. They are clean with no notes inside.I am in Leuven but I could send them with Bpost if interested. Let me know :)

miketreacy85@gm... May 24, 2017 12:00

Hi Kasseistamper,

My issue was more around the fact that due to the commune taking so long to process my license - my current license actually expired in March. As such I had to renew.

Given that I renewed my license after I was already registered as a Belgian Resident they said that I could not exchange and had to go through the process of getting a local license.

I protested given the fact that it was due to their own delays which meant this was to occur but they didn't want to hear any of it unfortunately.

miketreacy85@gm... May 24, 2017 12:03

Hi Vasia

How much were they to begin with - the books I mean?

Does it come with exercises like the driving school books do?


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