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Entitlements for pregnant women/newborn babies



I am 6 months pregnant and still trying to understand the Belgian system and all the benefits I might be entitled to. For the moment I haven't received anything, but I heard the system has a lot to offer - what is it exactly?

I am insured with the Mutualité Socialiste - do I need to inform them about my pregnancy? When? And how?

What about:
-family allowance. I read somewhere that my salary would need to be below a certain amount - where can I find any details about that? It seems I am above that line.. Also does it change anything if my husband is working at the European instution?
-my employer is not based in Belgium and I have to find out everything on my own, as they never employed anybody in Belgium and know the rules here even less than I do. So if I am entitled to anything from my employer I would need to tell them as well.
-what about other benefits, such as help at home (Sodexo coupons) - do I get anything in Belgium?
-is there any overview of other things I might be entitled to and I shouldn't miss? From what I understand I need to apply for everything actively as nothing is given without requesting, but it's difficult without knowing what I could possibly get.

If you have any good links (I speak French) or blogs, or other sources please let me know. I am a fresh member of BCT - do they help with this kind of questions?

J Feb 1, 2013 12:37

Start by going into your mutuelle for a chat. Take notes.

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