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The Center for American Studies: A Place to Expand Your Curiosity

Feb 13, 2018
Anonymous (not verified)

Looking for a shelter away from swirling activities and busy city streets? Tired of unreliable Internet sources and sensational clickbait taking the space of truly relevant information? Trade crowds and traffic jams for bookshelves and peace. The Center for American Studies has your back!

The CAS, located in the heart of the Royal Library of Belgium, will provide everything you want to know about American culture, history and society through regularly updated collections consisting of books, electronic sources, newspapers, microfilm, and more. The topics available, ranging from obvious to obscure, will strengthen your grasp on US-related events shaping the country. Moreover, the open stack system allows you to browse freely and discover the treasures hidden in the shelves at your own pace, but the staff will be delighted to assist you during your visit.

Still not convinced? Have a look at the United States today: current events prompt many people to react to the issues facing the country, but the truth is there are often too many variables to properly  grasp the situation in its entirety.

Come to the Center for American Studies and acquire more knowledge about the topics that interest you!