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Car parking for a short period


We don't normally use a car in Brussels, but will have one here for a few weeks. I do know we can't park outside our apartment, but I don't mind parking some distance away as we'll probably only use it about once a week. Does anyone know how far outside the centre you have to go for free on street parking? Or are there any other (not-too-expensive) solutions?

CC_R Aug 18, 2016 19:57

There is free parking on some of the metro line however I'm not. Lear how safe a car that doesn't move would be or if there is a limit. Delta for example has free parking

MeHa Aug 19, 2016 10:39

Kraainem Metro car park still free of charge but fills up very quickly in the morning so need to get there early (before 8am)
Herman Debroux also free

anon Aug 19, 2016 13:45

Most of Ave Franklin Roosevelt and the surrounding streets are free parking, once you get beyond the University. Relatively safe as there are plenty of Embassies around (but also a lot of Corps Diplomatic parking spaces which you should avoid), and you can get the 25 or 94 tram back into / out of the centre.

Plenty of parking on, Avenue des Phalènes, Avenues des Scarabees, Avenue des Abeilles, Avenue du Brésil, etc. etc.

J C Hill Aug 21, 2016 08:52

Have you thought of registering for Cambio? They have their own parking spaces all over town and might be an easier solution if you only want a car once a week or so.

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