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Sep 19, 2017

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Brussels residents dissatisfied with cleanliness and air quality

May 2, 2017

Brussels residents are generally quite satisfied with life in the city, according to a three-yearly survey by the European Commission. Nevertheless, there are still a few sore points, say those surveyed, including cleanliness, air quality and noise pollution, writes Bruzz.

Less than half of the Brussels residents surveyed (46%) are satisfied with the cleanliness of their city. That is well below the European average of 65%. Only 51% of the respondents say they are satisfied with the air quality in the capital, compared with the European average of 63%.

The 'Quality of life in European cities' survey results also reveal a high level of satisfaction among residents. For example, nine out of ten Brussels residents are satisfied with the city's health services, as well as the quality of their local shops. Residents of the 19 Brussels municipalities are also more satisfied than the average European with the amount of green, cultural and public spaces in their city.

The European Commission poll, conducted every three years since 2004, is based on telephone interviews with 40,000 people in 79 different cities, including about 500 Brussels residents.

The topics covered include housing, health, economy, work, environment, transport, leisure and safety.

Anna.katarzyna.... May 3, 2017 11:21

I'm definitely among those unsatisfited. I'm very surprise that the city can't handle the problem of people leaving their garbage in front of the recycling bins and I've never heard that anyone was given a fine for it. This mainly causes the mess in the city as any wind blow spreads the waste all around Brussels. Not even to mention how did the city look after the last long weekend. I had some guests and I was literally ashamed of how dirty the city was, especially around the Palace of Justice, where there were piles or cans, bottles, etc. On the last weekend Brussels showed its ugliest face and no one seemed to care.

salsadancer May 4, 2017 05:05

I do not see the city emptying the city bins/trash cans over the weekend. This means the bins are full, overflowing, all blowing about, and Monday they are a mess. Tourists come to the city on the weekend as do the locals. The bins should be constantly emptied -- it is absolutely shameful nothing is done. The wind blows the mess everywhere and it is disgusting. The town is dirty, no one seems to care, and this has gone on forever. I am ashamed.

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